Benefits of On-Premises Laundry

On-Premises Laundry offers big advantages to businesses versus sending laundry to an outside operator.
  • Cost Savings

    Your business could save up to 40% compared to sending your laundry out.

  • Faster Turnaround Time

    With a laundry room on site, you’ll drastically cut your linens turnaround.

  • Less Linens Needed

    Faster turnaround means you’ll need fewer towels and other items in stock,helping your business save on linen and storage costs.

  • Quality Results

    Taking control of your laundry operation helps ensure that you achieve the highest hygiene standard.

Why Choose Masters Laundry Equipment?

At Masters Laundry Equipment, we have over 30 years of experience delivering on-premises laundry solutions to businesses in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. We can help you select the best equipment, and we’ll support your business for years to come with reliable commercial laundry support services.

Who We Serve?

  • Nursing Homes

    Our equipment will help your assisted living facility achieve the highest hygiene standards for your residents.

  • Hotels & Motels

    Our commercial laundry equipment will help you achieve impeccable standards for your guests, while helping you cut your utility bills.

  • Gyms, Salons, & Spas

    Your fitness center will benefit from our equipment’s fast turnaround times and efficient water and energy consumption.

  • Small Businesses

    Our Encore semi-professional equipment gives small businesses the benefits of on-premises laundry with an affordable price tag.

What Masters Laundry Equipment Can Do For Your Business

Our equipment is built for high-quality results, low running costs, and unbeatable reliability.
Our team of expert, factory-trained technicians can install, maintain and repair your washers and dryers, ensuring that your investment delivers quality results for your business year after year.
Through our partnerships with various finance companies, we offer our customers flexible financing packages with low rates and laundry industry expertise.
Get all the benefits of on-premises laundry without the upfront costs. We can provide your business with top quality commercial laundry equipment through our rental programs.