Multi-Housing Coin Laundry Equipment

Condos, apartments, dormitories, retirement communities — whatever type of property you manage, Masters Laundry Equipment stock a full range of coin laundry equipment suitable for your multi-housing laundry room.

Our equipment gives your residents access to the highest quality washers and dryers while helping you to keep your utility costs under control.

Our Customers
  • Route Service Operators

  • Condominiums

  • Dormitories

  • Retirement Homes

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Features & Benefits
  • Superior Wash Results

  • Low Water Consumption

  • Energy Efficiency

  • High-Speed Water Extraction

  • Fast Drying Times

  • Multi-Language Display

Technology Features
  • Auto Savings

    Calculates the exact volume of water required for each load, saving your business up to 50% on water costs every load.

  • Eco Power

    Electrolux Dryers save your business up to an additional 15% per cycle. EP automatically lowers the heat resulting in less energy used and fewer wrinkles.

  • High Spin 450G Spin

    High-speed water extraction means less time required in the dryer. Serve more users per hour and save on energy costs thanks to Electrolux washers’ high-speed extraction.

  • Compass Pro

    Revolutionary microprocessor with dual language display makes Electrolux Professional equipment easy to program.

  • Sanitizing Rinse

    Give your users the choice of sanitizing the drum prior to washing their personal laundry. You have the ability to charge for the rinse, generating additional income.

  • Reversing Dryer Cylinder

    With the reverse dryer cylinder technology in Electrolux dryers, garments won’t tangle in the drum and dry more uniformly.

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The future of semi-professional laundry equipment.

Our Encore washers and dryers are built with commercial components, and last nearly three times longer than residential models and top load washers. Encore equipment is a great choice for all types of multi-housing property.

Need accessories for your laundry room?

Masters Laundry supplies all the accessories your laundry room needs — vending machines, laundry carts, and more!

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