Laundromat Brokerage

Masters Laundry Equipment are experts in laundry business brokerage. If you want to buy or sell a laundromat in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, we can help you every step of the way.

Do You Want To Buy a Laundromat?

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  • $368,000
  • Available


  • $306,682
  • Available

Long Island

  • $304,012
  • Available


  • $154,403
  • Available

New York City

  • $387,005
  • Available


  • $648,749
  • Available


  • $2,754,477
  • Available

New Jersey

  • $305,584
  • Available

Are You Selling Your Laundromat?

We have qualified buyers ready to buy laundromat businesses like yours.
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Do You Want to Remodel Your Laundromat?

Whether you are building a new laundromat, remodeling an older store, or looking for a “ready to operate” solution, Masters Laundry Equipment has the expertise you need.
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Masters Laundry Equipment can help you with every aspect of starting a laundromat business. From brokerage to laundromat design and equipment — let us help you build your dream business!