Coin Laundry Equipment

Masters Laundry Equipment provides the highest quality coin laundry equipment to our customers in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut. Our coin laundry equipment is built for high performance, energy efficiency, and long-lasting durability.

You can be confident that our equipment will deliver the very best results to your customers while providing a great ROI to your business.

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Features & Benefits
  • Superior Wash Results

  • Low Water Consumption

  • Energy Efficiency

  • High-Speed Water Extraction

  • Fast Drying Times

  • Multi-Language Display

Technology Features
  • Auto Savings

    Calculates the exact volume of water required for each load, saving your business up to 50% on water costs every load.

  • Eco Power

    Electrolux Dryers save your business up to an additional 15% per cycle. EP automatically lowers the heat, resulting in less energy used and fewer wrinkles.

  • High Spin 450G Spin

    High-speed water extraction means less time required in the dryer. Serve more customers per-hour and save on energy costs thanks to Electrolux washers’ high-speed extraction.

  • Compass Pro

    The revolutionary microprocessor with dual language display makes Electrolux Professional equipment easy to program.

  • LaundryPulse

    This groundbreaking laundromat management system allows you to run your store remotely from your laptop. View reports, set pricing and much more!

  • Sanitizing Rinse

    Give your customers the choice of sanitizing the drum prior to washing their personal laundry. You have the ability to charge for the rinse, generating additional income.

  • Reversing Dryer Cylinder

    With the reverse dryer cylinder technology in Electrolux dryers, garments won’t tangle in the drum and dry more uniformly.

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The future of semi-professional laundry equipment.

Our Encore washers and dryers are built with commercial components, and last nearly three times longer than residential models and top-load washers. Encore equipment is a great choice for laundromats, hotel guest laundry, and multi housing properties.

Do You Need Laundromat Accessories?

Masters Laundry supplies all the necessary laundromat accessories. From boilers to vending machines and laundry carts, we have your business covered!

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