Masters Laundry Equipment

With over 30 years in the commercial laundry industry, the experts at Masters Laundry Equipment provide unrivaled knowledge and services to laundromats and businesses throughout New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut.

Why You Can Trust Masters Laundry

We Take It Personally

We treat our customers like family and help design stores as if they were our own. We’ll never give advice we wouldn’t give ourselves.

We Want You To Succeed

Our customers’ success always comes first. We have turned down deals in the past because we haven’t believed that a location was right for a laundromat.

We Know What We're Doing

Having built almost 100 successful laundromats and countless OPL laundry rooms in New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, we know what we are doing.

Let us share all the keys to success!
Masters Laundry knows the market, people, and best equipment to run a profitable business.
What We Can Do For You

Laundromat Owners

  • Location Study
  • Utility Analysis
  • Business Plan
  • 2-D Store Mock-Up
  • Profit Building Equipment
  • Store Retooling
  • Financing
  • Laundromat Brokerage
  • Equipment Repair & Maintenance
  • Used Laundry Equipment

On-Premises Laundries & Multi-Housing Properties

  • Utility Analysis
  • Laundry Room Design
  • Efficient Laundry equipment
  • Laundry Room Retooling
  • Financing
  • Equipment Rental
  • Equipment Repair & Maintenance
  • Used Laundry Equipment

Opening a laundromat business?

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What Makes New York A Great Market For Your Laundromat Business?

You could say that the only constant in New York york is change, but in recent years that change has been faster and more dramatic than ever.

There has been a huge amount of development and a large population increase in the outer boroughs — neighborhoods that could previously support just one or two laundromat businesses can now support twice or three times that number.

No one knows the New York market better than Masters Laundry, we can help our customers identify the greatest opportunities and build profitable stores that can succeed for decades to come.

Our Story

Masters Laundry Equipment was founded by New York’s leading commercial laundry expert, Michael Mastorides.

Michael grew up in the laundromat industry, spending countless hours helping out in his father’s coin laundry stores as a teenager. But it wasn’t until 1987, when he took a job as a repair technician for Wascomat, that his commercial laundry career officially began. In the 30 years that followed, that career took him from technician to multi-store owner and Vice President of one of New York’s largest commercial laundry distributorships.

Having helped entrepreneurs open 75+ successful laundromat businesses and owning and running dozens of stores of his own, Michael took early retirement in 2016 and looked forward to a peaceful life. But he had gained a reputation as the most knowledgeable and trusted commercial laundry expert in New York and his phone kept ringing with laundromat owners seeking his unmatched expertise.

So, when Laundrylux asked him to start his own company to distribute their Electrolux Professional washers and dryers, it was an easy decision. Michael knew all about the energy savings and increased throughput that Electrolux Professional equipment can bring to a laundry business. He had seen underperforming stores transformed into thriving, profitable businesses when they were retooled with Electrolux high spin washers.

In 2018 Masters Laundry was established to bring the highest quality commercial laundry equipment, with the very best expertise and follow up services to New York’s laundry businesses. If you own or operate a laundry business in New York, New Jersey, or Connecticut, Michael and his team will guide you towards success.